At its best, landscape design combines artistry with the science of construction and horticulture. Whether Turf-N-Tree has been hired to create a residential landscape design or a design plan for a commercial property or office park, Jeri Vauquelin, our landscape designer will incorporate an appropriate style and attractive, low-maintenance, greenery, flowers, trees and shrubs.

Your landscaping creates the first impression a visitor sees. It can be used to enhance the style and design features gate and fence with landscapingof your home or to foster a sense of excellence for your business. Superb landscaping that looks good year-around is an investment that will be enjoyed by all who see it.

Turf-N-Tree’s landscape designs incorporate water features, landscape curbing, seating areas, custom lighting, beautiful walkways and other design features. A full-service landscape company and licensed landscape construction contractor, Turf-N-Tree can execute the entire design, from providing drainage and irrigation solutions, to creating the final product—a stunning living canvas that portrays you or your business in the best possible light.

Don’t wait to make improvements in your landscape. Call Turf-N-Tree or contact us online.